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A Completely Integrated Production Organisation
Automatic Ticket Issuing Machine

Voies de sorties automatiques

This machine automatically dispenses transit tickets or cards at the entrance of motorways to private cars or heavy goods vehicles. It can feature two dispensers per level enabling continuous operation in case one of dispensing mechanism runs out of stock. Its ergonomic front panel is user friendly with display, lighted arrows, voice synthesizer and intercom at each level. Its central unit controls the lane with all its peripherals (including ETC devices if applicable) and exchange data with the plaza computer system. Easy and separate access is provided for maintenance and operational activities.

Automatic Payment Machines

automatic payment machine

Automatism and cost optimisation are behind this new concept of Toll. Unmanned device accepting all types of payments in both closed and open systems are declinable in as required presentations (one or two levels, multi-class, coin sorter, recycling, adapted means of payments, ergonomics and climatic conditions ...). The built-in Lane Controller interfaces with all lane peripherals (Pre-Classification System, Traffic Signals, Barriers, ETC …), stores the transaction data and communicates with the plaza computer system Swing-out front panel and internal sub-assemblies mounted on sliding rails makes maintenance and operation easy.

Manual Toll Terminals

Voie de sortie manuelle

For Toll Collectors GEA has designed an ergonomic custom made Toll Terminal to fit the toll booth. It incorporates specialized Keyboard, Screen, Receipt Printer, ticket/card reader, Payment Terminal, Cash-drawer, … The Lane Controller interfaces with all lane peripherals (classification system, traffic signals, barriers, ETC …), stores the transaction data and communicates with the plaza computer system. The equipment has been carefully designed to prevent risks of fraud, to be easy to use and durable.

Plaza Computer Systems and Central Systems

IHM distant


G.E.A. is at the cutting edge of information technology in this field. Plaza computers are central to toll systems and are considered to be sensitive appliances. Their technology uses the most advanced and complex techniques of data communication: local operating networks at the lane and peripherals level, Ethernet networks at the plaza computer system level and high data rate numerical communication networks between toll plazas. The available functions cover all the requirements of real-time monitoring on graphic screens and video displays, audio-video communication with patrons or collectors, remote lane operation, revenue auditing and data exchange with other host computers or software.

Dynamic Toll Systems

Non-stop Toll Collection Systems : GEA is playing an active role in this segment in collaboration with major companies such as SAAB and Thomson. GEA today enjoys a reputation of being experienced and skilled in this field and has integrated systems for the following:

- Fast non-stop toll system in the Toulouse metropolitan area in 1991.
- The whole of the Rhône-Alpes motorway network (AREA) was fitted with non-stop tolls by GEA in 1995 (40000 subscribers).
- Penang Bridge and Shah Alam Expressway in Malaysia.
- The A29 motorway, the Lyon Northern Ring-road and the A43 motorway in France (1996).
- “25 de Abril” Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal (1997).
- Vasco de Gama Bridge in Portugal, Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark (1998).

Furthermore, GEA was recently retained by the motorway companies AREA (Société des Autoroutes Rhône et Alpes), SANEF (Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l’Est de la France), SAPN (Société des Autoroutes Paris Normandie), SAPRR (Société des Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône) and SFTRF (Société Française du Tunnel Routier du Fréjus) for the supply of more than 600 ground equipment sets as part of the programme “TIS - Télépéage Inter Sociétés” (Interoperable Electronic Toll Collection)

Non-stop Toll Collection System

Moreover, GEA received orders from AREA, ASF (Société des Autoroutes du Sud de la France), Escota (Société des Autoroutes Esterel Côte d’Azur Provence Alpes), SANEF, SAPN, SAPRR and SFTRF, to integrate TIS into their toll systems.

Car park revenue control systems

GEA started diversifying its activities in 2001 and designed a complete line of revenue control equipment for car parks, thanks to a first contact with the VINCI Group.
This product includes:
  • Entry Lane Terminals
  • Restricted Entry Lane Terminals
  • Exit Lane Terminals
  • Pedestrian Access Control Terminals
  • Automatic Payment Machines
  • Manual Payment Machines
  • Car Park Management Supervision Servers
  • Central Computer Systems
The VINCI Group is a world leader in concessions, construction and related services and operates more than 1,300 car parks in 12 countries of which more than 500 are in France.
  • This first success triggered other awards to GEA from:
    • Communauté Urbaine de Marseille
    • Omniparc (Eiffage Group)
    • SAEMES (City of Paris)
    • CHU (City of Grenoble)
  • Car park maintenance activity has continued for both VINCI and Eiffage.
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